Sermons in 2018

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2019.
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1/7  The Life Coach    Mark 1:4-11   Fr. Chip
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1/14  Come and See   John 1:43-51  Fr. Chip
1/28  What is This?   Mark 1:21-28  Fr. Chip
2/4  Who's in Charge?   Mark 1:29-39  Fr. Chip
2/11  Here I Am    Mark 9:2-9   Fr. Chip
2/18  A Time to Choose    Mark 1:9-15   Fr. Chip
3/4  Zeal for Your House    John 2:13-22  Fr. Chip
3/11 From Death to Life    Ephes 2:1-10  Fr. Chip
3/18     Rt. Rev, William Love, Bishop of Albany
3/25      Turning     Mark 15:1-47     Fr. Chip
4/1     Love Wins    Mark 16:1-8     Fr. Chip
4/8     Giving Up Me    John 20:19-31   Fr. Chip
4/15 What's Your Story  Luke 24:36-48   Fr. Chip
4/22 Knowing & Known John 10:11-18   Fr. Chip
4/29 Come and Go   John 15:1-8   Fr. Chip
5/13  O Be Joyfull   John 17: 6-19 Fr. Chip
5/20 Tongues of Fire  John 15:26-27 Fr. Chip
5/27    Our Father  John 3:1-17     Fr. Chip
6/3    True Religion  Mark 2:23 - 3:6    Fr. Chip
7/8  Hospitality    Mark 6:1-13   Fr. Chip
6/17  Seeds    Mark 4:26 -34    Fr. Chip
7/15 Truth & Conscience  Mark 6:14-29 Fr. Chip
7/22   Provision    Mark 6:30-44  Fr. Chip
7/29   It is I     Mark 6:45-52    Fr. Chip
8/5  Believing is Seeing   John 6:24-35    Fr. Chip
8/12    Daily Bread   John 6:35, 41-51    Fr. Chip
8/19  How to be a Wise Guy  Prov. 9:1-6  Fr. Chip
8/26  Here's the Deal     John 6:56-69    Fr. Chip
9/2  Put Your Heart into It, Mark 7:1-23  Fr. Chip
9/23 A Teaching Moment, Mark 8:30-37  Fr. Chip
9/30 Refiner's Fire   Mark 9:38-50    Fr. Chip
10/7  One Flesh   Mark 10:2-16    Fr. Chip
10/14  A Tragedy   Mark 10:17-31    Fr. Chip
10/21  Which Glory?  Mark 10:35-45   Fr. Chip
10/28  Who's Calling?  Mark 10:46-52    Fr. Chip
11/4   Number One!  Mark 12:28-34    Fr. Chip
11/11 Give the Love  Mark 12:38-44    Fr. Chip
11/18  He Is Near    Mark 13:1-8    Fr. Chip
11/25 Truth is Calling   John 18:33-37    Fr. Chip
12/2 Raise Your Heads  Luke 21:25-36    Fr. Chip
12/9  Finding Our Way  Luke 3:1-6    Fr. Chip
12/16 What Shall We Do?   Luke 3:7-18   Fr. Chip
12/23  Mary's Song    Luke 1:39-55  Fr. Chip
12/24 One King,Three Gifts  Luke 2:1-20 Fr. Chip
12/30   Shine    John 1:1-18               Fr. Chip
As the search for a new Rector continues,  St. Paul's is blessed to have a variety of visiting Clergy and Lay people lead our worship services.  We will continue to post the Sermons from these very talented guests here for your enjoyment.  To listen, just hit the "Play" button and a new browser window will open, and the audio will start.
1/6/2019 - We welcome The Rev. John Scott to St. Paul's.  Fr John is the Episcopal Hospital Chaplain in Albany. 
1/27/2019 - Denny Keegan, guest leader.

Sermons in 2019
2/3/2019 - We welcome The Rev. Canon Judith Malionek.  Mtr. Judith is the Curate at St. Paul's in Albany.     
3/3/2019 - We welcome The Rev. Anne Curtain -  Mtr. Anne is the Executive Director of Healing a Women's Soul.  
3/10/2019 - Meaghan Keegan, Lay-Vicar for St. Paul's.